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Autumn sunshine with Secoin Artistic Tiles

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in many countries and regions around the world. It is the transition from hot summer to cold winter. From climate to weather and especially trees, there are many obvious changes. Beautiful gardens, beautiful houses when further supported by the natural autumn weather are also more pristine and cozy in style.

How you can incorporate fall inspiration into your home. Let's take a look at the stunning styles that Secoin artistic tiles use in interior and garden decoration that bring your home to the fall.


1.    Sunshine with cement tiles 

Cement tiles - more specifically, yellow cement tiles when interspersed with the patterns, a typical of cement tiles, will help the walls become softer. Secoin's cement tiles with flexible and delicate patterns along with the combination of yellow and gray have created a harmonious color, which is a sunny spot for your space. With houses, or compact rooms, yellow or cream is an extremely popular light background color, due to it's bringing a lighter and more airy feeling for the room.

Sometimes we think that the detailed textures will mess up small rooms in house, but in fact, cement tile floors with detailed patterns can work very well when creating the accents for the room space.


Secoin's exclusive collection is an endless inspiration, a tile collection for those who love the change of seasons. The transition of patterns, reasonable colors on the tiles in the Springtime collection creates a flower garden on the floor every time you enter to the house.

Springtime cement tiles exclusive collection

The kitchen area is one of the ideal places to be creative because it brings together a lot of inspiration for those who both love to cook and love creativity. Decorating and integrating kitchen items that change according to color, season or theme helps you to master your kitchen, bearing your own imprint according to your preferences.


And even, creativity doesn't stop there, it's more useful and convenient when shown through the flower pots of cement tiles placed in many corners of the room, both bringing the atmosphere of autumn and take care of them every day.


Secoin cement tiles flowerpots


2.    Decorating with 3D Cement Tiles

Artistic 3D cement tiles are an elegant choice for interior works such as restaurants, hotel corridors, villas, etc... A decorative 3D tile architecture might be a combination of arrow tiles, and some 3D hexagonal or relief tiles.

3D hexagonal cement tiles

With creativity you can create a one-of-a-kind mural. The interesting thing about 3D cement tiles is that with each different combination, you can easily create many different ways to make your wall new and special. That is a feature that other ordinary ceramic tiles cannot do.

Arrow tiles

3.   The highlight of the space with encaustic pottery tiles

The arched structure and yellow encaustic pottery tile floors at the restaurant's central entrance create a more formal, modern and comfortable feel than ever before. It evokes the space of autumn colors, with a little orange mixed with a bit of red and accented with featured cement tiles' motifs. This variety gives it a classic feel, and in particular, encaustic pottery tiles can be used to decorate the stairs to create a fancy attraction for the space here.



4.   Fall in with Patchwork tiles

Artistic space can be created in many different ways. If you want to create a creative and artistic atmosphere in the room, the floor and wall that blend freely and flexibly with the yellow-toned patchwork cement tiles is an ingenious way to decorate without the need for a craftsman to paint. These floor models are suitable for all areas, dining rooms, houses, living rooms, …

Yellow-toned encaustic pottery tiles


To stimulate all imagination, the combination of individual tile patterns forms a unified array obtained by randomly mixing tiles of the same or different colors, different textures. is a special feature of encaustic cement tiles, or encaustic pottery tiles.
Cement tiles Patchwork with a variety of patterns

5.   Autumn garden with outdoor artistic tiles

Autumn is most seeable in the garden, when yellow leaves begin to fall from the street into the yard. The outstanding feature of autumn is that the summer is dry and hot, the autumn is sometimes still dry, and the head to winter will be somewhat chilly. At the same time, planting green leafy around will bring a feeling of calm and coolness to your yard. Look for some slip-resistant artistic outdoor tiles and start tending your garden in the fall.
RT-40-3240 Rustic artisic outdoor tiles
The grooves in the concrete floor structure prevent the yard from slipping and help with good drainage. If you want to make your garden more artistic, you can use artistic stamped concrete. In addition, Secoin is also known as the king of outdoor artistic tiles, with diverse and unique products, especially suitable for artistic outdoor spaces.

The clever color scheme makes Secoin outdoor artistic tiles used a lot in outdoor amusement works of large domestic enterprises. Outdoor tiles are the place to receive direct sunlight from the sun, their role also helps to reflect sunlight to our eyes in a natural and pleasant way, especially in the fall.
Multi-color Terrazzo tiles
Fish-scale multi-colored Terrazzo tiles
Terrazzo tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and colors allowing you to freely choose to match your outdoor projects.

Hopefully through this article you have found some suggestions for your house space with autumn. You can refer to more Secoin products here!

See the full collection here!
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