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Honored to be recognized as Vietnam's National Brand continuously from 2016 to now and as Sustainable Business of Vietnam in 2022, Secoin's success has always been based on the foundation of the capturing the values of Knowledge, Technology, Nature, People and History - Culture. Since the first day of establishment, the production - business process at Secoin has always been built on the passion of researchers and the strength of creativity and innovation to always keep the leading position in the field of production of High-class Artistic Tiles.

Through the process of non-stop research and development, we are always looking for new products to serve the development of infrastructure and the country's economy. Thanks to that, Secoin has clearly formed a consistent path to achieve this goal, to ensure a sustainable future and at the same time contribute to building a sustainable economy.

From the beginning of 2021 and especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, Secoin continues to emphasize sustainability as an important factor in the long-term development strategy of the business. The sustainability factor is considered as an integral part of the operation and evaluation of production and business efficiency throughout the Secoin system in North - Central - South Vietnam. Especially for the Secoin product supply chain abroad, sustainability is more focused than ever through the ICS - Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability assessment program.

The goals that Secoin is aiming for are in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations by 2030. Not only protecting the global climate, these goals also aim to address many of the challenges faced by humanity, such as biodiversity loss, global inequality, climate change, etc. Economic development cannot be traded for climate, living environment, and human health. Industries and manufacturers like Secoin need to play an active role in creating a sustainable economy and a sustainable community.

Secoin is clearly aware of and committed to our responsibility to develop new building materials, not using natural resources, not polluting the environment, ensuring the health and safety of users. Sustainable materials can be used for a long time and can be reused, creating jobs for workers, bringing a better life, contributing to the construction of sustainable smart urban areas, contributing to the sustainable economic development of Vietnam and participating in global sustainable supply chains.

Secoin would like to thank the trust that our partners, customers, staff and community have placed in us over the past 34 years. A sustainable business path will continue to guide our activities in 2023 and beyond.

Yours faithfully,

Dinh Hong Ky

Secoin's Chairman

Chief Sustainability Officer

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