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Secoin is one of the first limited companies in Vietnam founded in 1989, 35 years of experience in researching and manufacturing concrete building materials, especially high-end artistic cement tiles, pavers and roof tiles.

Currently, Secoin has 3 big showrooms and 9 factories located in the North, the South and the Centre of Vietnam with almost 1,000 staff. Secoin products have been distributed in over 60 countries across the 6 continents.

With the purely natural and environmental-friendly materials, Secoin was the first company bringing to Vietnam the advanced technologies which had been proven successful in such countries as Italy, German, Spain. Secoin became the pioneer who contributed to creating the non-fired building material industry in Vietnam.  

Secoin was the first to bring terrazzo tile from Italy into Vietnam more than 20 years ago. Secoin was also the first to launch Japanese wet-pressed roof tile into the market. After that, other products like Encaustic Cement Tiles, Artistic Outdoor Tiles, Ventilation Blocks, Stamped Concrete with the criteria of “Always Original” had created a strong hallmark in the domestic and international market. Especially, Secoin products have had a firm foothold in the Japanese market for more than 20 years.

Secoin has been considered "the preservationist for traditional encaustic cement tile " - a long-standing tile product of Vietnam since 1910. Over the past 110 years, from the brand Brossard et Mopin to Thanh Danh and now Secoin has become the symbol of entirely hand-crafted tile industry with the hundred-year-old sophisticated designs which have been appreciated worldwide.

Secoin is the only company in Vietnam receiving consultation from Panasonic (Japan) for “Lean Manufacturing” system and implementing other modern tools such as ISO-9001:2015, Kaizen, 5S,… We are always trying to apply the most state-of-the-art management tools and skills into Secoin factories, on both automatic production process and Vietnam’s traditional handmade tile production process.

Secoin is proud of more than 100 prestigious international and domestic awards. Especially, since 2016, Secoin has continuously been recognized as the National Brand of Vietnam.

Throughout our journey, Secoin has captured the INTELLECTUAL, TECHNOLOGICAL, NATURAL, HISTORICAL and CULTURAL values. Thanks to capturing these values, we have adapted the world’s advanced technologies into Vietnam as well as brought Vietnam’s sophisticated artistic products to the globe’s luxury markets.

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Secoin's Offices and Factories in the North, the Centre and the South of Vietnam

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