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About Secoin

Mission - Vision


Secoin was created, developed sustainably and reaped achievements based on capturing the basic values: Knowledge - Technology - Nature - People – History & Culture.

· For an enterprise of leading brain

· Always original so as to be the pioneer at all times

· Reaching beyond the country's border to exploit the local potential 


"We are deeply aware that a prominent enterprise should not only be concerned about its well-being but also have to contribute to solving social problems. The biggest problems our human-being is facing are environment and climate. Making environment-friendly products, protecting the global climate and creating recycled products is the criteria of developed countries - it is also the criteria for Secoin during the course of our production."


Secoin desires to maintain the leading position in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing non-burnt building materials and environment-friendly products. Secoin products will be supplied to the domestic market and will increase distribution worldwide.

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