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Vaccine socialization (VnExpress) - Dinh Hong Ky

During the past 15 years, we have not received flowers of congratulation for hundreds of our company's events.

More than 15 years ago, when I was preparing to celebrate the company's 15-year establishment anniversary in Hanoi, I realized that it was unreasonable when the guests sent hundreds of flower baskets to congratulate just for a few hours and then discard.

I thought, can I do it differently from my usual routine? At that time, the economy was still modest, the lives of most people were quite difficult. The price of an affordable bowl of pho in Hanoi is only 15-20 thousand VND. Yet an ordinary flower basket is also a few hundred thousand. An event, the rent of a singer, hiring a famous MC is at least a few tens of millions of dong, plus flower baskets are the biggest waste

Remembering the hotel staff prostrating themselves to leave after only a few hours at the event, I asked the management questions. Why not ask the guests instead of giving flowers and gifts, putting money in the donation box to donate to the poor, disadvantaged children. Those are "flowers", wishes for businesses and also useful for society. Just outside the hotel, how many people don't have a decent meal.
We announced in the invitation, that instead of a flower basket, please donate to charity. The large amount donated right at the company's birthday was donated to Hanoi Children's Fund. My guests, partners, and clients later reminded them that they were impressed and very happy about it. Over the past 15 years, I am happy that more and more organizations, large and small businesses are also applying this idea.

Last week, my son, who was studying in Canada, called back and informed that Canada government announced that it had stockpiled enough Covid-19 vaccine for the entire population, is now in surplus and planned to aid poor countries. My child asked, in Vietnam, when will my family get vaccinated, how much does it cost.

Canada and several European and US countries have quickly mobilized many businesses and billionaires to spend huge amounts of money not only for vaccine research funds but also to set up vaccine subsidy funds for the whole country. In the rest of the world, Fortune predicts that by 2021 only about 10% of the population in poor countries will have access to the Covid-19 vaccine. The budget in developing countries is not enough to pay for the import of vaccines for their entire population.

"Urgent import of Covid-19 vaccine from the state budget and socialization" was the statement last week by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. Personally, I am happy for the timely response, but I also wonder, how to buy enough vaccines for nearly 100 million people?

Although there are businesses that are responsible for the import of vaccines from abroad, but of course they will sell them to the government and the public. The state budget has to work hard to fight the epidemic now if it is necessary to buy vaccines enough for nearly 100 million people in a short time is obviously a big challenge, although we do not know what vaccine prices are sold. That is why I associate the spirit of charity that my company has done with "flower baskets".

We can "socialize" belief and that is a possible solution to refuel the Covid-19 vaccine.

I am seeing a huge amount of money pouring into the stock market, real estate and charity, can we immediately launch a campaign to mobilize people and businesses to contribute to build a fund to buy vaccines of nation?

Obviously, we need to focus all our resources on fighting the epidemic, protecting the health of the people, and the lives of many people. It is a mission that requires a spirit of volunteering far above ordinary action. And I know that in every person, every business has that spirit.

Coming to the Lunar New Year, a lot of money is being spent on festivals, parties, fireworks, and entertainment activities. If it is a source of money from the state budget, perhaps it is advisable to cut down on festival activities, both to prevent public contact and to spend money on anti-epidemics. If it was the money of the business, instead of the noisy year-end or new-year organization, they could donate to the government vaccine fund.

Each year, people, and many agencies worship tens of trillion for religious establishments. If the government calls for reducing this activity to save money to support the vaccine fund for the lives of the people, the meaning will be much larger.

Buddhist philosophy has a saying " saving a human life is a great blessing for ourselves". Instead of spending money on spiritual activities, spending money on vaccines is to save your own family, employees in your business, the people around you and prevent the risk of economic collapse.

The rest is how to build a fund, how to persuade the community, and organize the fund with transparency and integrity so that people are ready to join the state. As we must remember, hundreds of people used to contribute money and gold to the government a few decades ago.

After the XIII Party Congress, one of the first and greatest challenges of the new leadership of the Party and Government is the successful fight against the third wave. Creating enough prestige and confidence to successfully socialize the vaccination work and preserve the anti-epidemic spirit is also the prestige of the new apparatus to the world.

Dinh Hong Ky
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