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Special opportunities from Covid-19

The article by Mr. Dinh Hong Ky was published on the Business Forum Electronic Newspaper of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry VCCI, on August 27, 2021.

This article aims to share the positive factors that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought and will bring in the present as well as in the future.

The online economy is on the throne

Before the pandemic, the story of online economic development in the world was discussed and foreseen. However, a social distancing that is too long as it has been and is happening will make people, both supply and demand forces gradually get used to and form new habits when participating in the online economy. People are used to buying, selling, ordering, transacting, and using educational, sports, medical, and communication services online.

Social distancing that is too long as has been happening will make people, both supply and demand forces gradually get used to and form new habits when participating in the online economy.

The online economy is on the throne
Social distancing that is too long as it has been and is happening will make people, the whole supply and demand force,
gradually get used to and form new habits when participating in the online economy.

A variety of life forms such as cinema, media, and art will change according to the trend of digitization in internet environments.

In business activities, due to a long time, having to work online from home will help online communication become a habit. People will use online meetings instead of traditional meetings. Surely a series of virtual stores, virtual offices, virtual showrooms, virtual exhibitions, etc. will form after the pandemic to make operations more convenient, cost-effective and safer.

New living and investment needs are formed

History has proven that powerful innovation is often created and thrived in times of crisis. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for green, environmentally friendly products will affect the direction of investment in environmental protection and safety for human health. Around the world, businesses are reinventing themselves, turning themselves around to find new directions, make products that are renewable and move towards a circular economy.

New living and investment needs are formed
"Suburban house" - A rising trend in the real estate market

The outbreak of an epidemic that leads to mass deaths in densely populated areas will be an indelible mark in the memory of at least one or two generations. Surely after the pandemic, the need to live in the suburbs, the sea, the mountains where the air is fresh, close to nature, and the population density is low will be a trend that not only the rich but also ordinary people will be directed to. The direction of real estate investment has also gradually shifted to the suburbs or remote provinces close to nature.

Tourism trends also change drastically. Certainly, tourists will limit to crowded and noisy tourist places but move to eco-tourism areas outside islands, pristine beaches or highlands.


Labour force returns to the countryside

The wave of workers in big cities fleeing to their hometowns will cause future workforce losses for businesses in big cities after the pandemic. However, this will have a positive impact in reducing the pressure on the number of people in big cities, reducing pressure on urban infrastructure, and shifting the workforce to develop rural areas. From there, investors will be bolder for opening factories, business establishments, and developing real estate in rural areas.

Before the pandemic, it was feared that devoting development resources to large cities would upset the balance. Now, the pandemic is creating more balance for equal economic development between rural and urban areas.


The bureaucracy changes

The pandemic can be likened to a fire that tests gold, to a cataclysm that tests the talents, bravery and personality of leaders from the Central to the Province. In addition to the leaders who showed their utmost devotion to the people, they also revealed that the officials were incompetent and did not dare to take responsibility, which led to great consequences.

Stories about changing management teams in the provinces, about disciplining officials who were negligent in fighting the epidemic, prove it. It is through the pandemic that it is time to screen the weak civil servants and form a more capable contingent of civil servants after the pandemic.

State management activities are also required to shift to digitization right during the pandemic. This will make the state apparatus not only more efficient but also more transparent and prevent corruption.


International relations are clearer

The pandemic is helping Vietnam see more clearly what really good friends are. The stories of the US, Japan, and Europe quickly and unconditionally continuously aided millions of doses of vaccines and medicines, medical equipment, etc. to Vietnam in times of need.

International relations are clearer
2 million doses of Moderna vaccine provided by the US

Senior leaders still fly to visit Vietnam to have cooperation and support during Vietnam's difficult times. This is a positive thing for Vietnam to recognize good friends in international relations.

People live more compassionately

In the past few days in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas, in the face of the pain caused by the pandemic to relatives, colleagues, neighbours..., we have witnessed many touching stories of help. and the hearts of benefactors in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces, about the self-sacrifice of frontline medical staff, volunteer troops, army, etc.

People live more compassionately
The benefactors promptly encouraged people to overcome the pandemic.

Compassionate hearts for fellow human beings are the most positive factor that shows that in any difficult situation, the people of Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country are tightening their grip on each other. Certainly, after the pandemic, the image of medical staff, army soldiers or police will be greatly improved in the eyes of the people.


"Determination to fight to the end" shows the will of the doctors and nurses at Cho Ray Hospital when
participate in the treatment of severe Covid-19 patients

In each family, love and attachment become deeper when life is "hanging" more fragile than ever. The fame and fortune are now only ephemeral. Whether rich or poor, powerful or commoner, they all feel as though they are on the same big wave boat in the middle of the sea. Health, life can be taken away at any time no matter who they are.

Those strings will tighten human emotions so that after overcoming the pandemic, family, social relationships, colleagues, partners ... will have higher living standards, more compassion and more altruism.


Clean environment and hygienic lifestyle

The COVID-19 pandemic is having obvious positive impacts on the living environment. The air is cleaner, oceans and rivers reduce pollution, nature and animals are making a comeback.

People's habits change after the pandemic. As simple as the habit of washing hands, using masks, and personal hygiene, which is overlooked in low-life areas, after the pandemic, they will become good habits. People are more conscious about taking care of their own health and preserving living space.

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing humanity a lot of pain but at the same time teaching us many lessons. It also gives us a lot of positive motivation to move forward.


Dinh Hong Ky - Chairman of Secoin Corporation

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